MDF kitchen units

“Can you respray MDF doors?”

“Can you respray damaged doors and carcasses?”

“Respray or vinyl wrap?”

These are some of the questions we are most often asked when a customer is deliberating over the decision of upgrading their current MDF/Vinyl covered kitchens.

The overwhelming public thought seems to be that it’s only worthwhile respraying quality wooden kitchens that cost a fortune when they were new. But what if your room is one of the many with MDF and vinyl coated cabinets and doors installed over the past few decades?

At The Kitchen Respray Group we’d like to confirm that we can in fact “repair” these vinyl doors, and ensure your resprayed kitchen looks fresh, clean, and modern – as good as new, in fact.

The benefits of an MDF respray over replacing or vinyl wrapping...

How do we respray MDF/Vinyl doors?

We perform kitchen respraying projects all over the UK. As such, we have access to equipment and technology that enables us to quickly and effectively strip damaged and discoloured vinyl from these doors, stripping them right back to the shaped MDF.

After we’ve stripped the damaged vinyl, we then proceed to repair if neccassary and prep the mdf wood to make it suitable for a resporay paint finish.

We are able to respray the panels in the colour of your choice, creating a stunning, professional, lasting finish, which costs a fraction of the price of buying these doors new.

We have an almost endless range of colours available to choose from, so we are able to create the kitchen of your dreams at a lower cost than starting from scratch. We can also take a scan of your existing vinyl covering for an exact colour match to the rest of your kitchen, if you want to keep the same colour of cabinet but simply repair the damaged doors.

On top of this, because we don’t actually remove anything but your kitchen cabinet doors, there is considerably less upheaval to daily life – ideal for busy households.

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